Young people choose charities for mental health support

Young people prefer to access mental health services delivered by charities such as MAP, according to a new national report.  GPs also preferred to refer vulnerable young people with complex mental health problems to advice and counselling centres run by charities and other voluntary organisations.

The report –Young People in Mind: Transforming Service Delivery – follows a one year Department for Education funded programme which aimed to increase access to counselling and other psychological therapies for young people.  MAP’s Therapeutic Services team participated in the programme and contributed to the report.

“This report – and our own experiences – tell us that we still have a very long way to go to make mental health services accessible to young people and to overcome stigma,” says Dan Mobbs, MAP CEO.  “Young people need our support now, so that the problems they face don’t become bigger and harder to solve later.  We need more investment in early intervention”.

 The programme, led by national charity Youth Access, included nine local youth charities from around England and supported young people who experienced depression, anxiety, self-harm or were suicidal.  Barbara Rayment, Chief Executive of Youth Access notes “These voluntary sector providers are helping relieve the pressure on GP surgeries. However, the funding does not currently follow young patients into these services.”

MAP will continue to work with the NHS to improve integration of mental health services for young people, and urges funding to go where young people need it.

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