Young people take a new look at their community

Young people who are disengaged with school life, are low attenders and who struggle with their behaviour are being encouraged to consider their community and their place in it as part of a new project lead by MAP’s youth work team.  MAP’s Social Action programme at City Academy Norwich aims to support young people to learn the benefits of positive activities and behaviours; it has started with a student-inspired photography project.  The young people took over 100 photos of their local community and have developed these photos into canvases, to be displayed around the school for everyone to enjoy.

Mary Sparrow, Principal at City Academy Norwich says of the programme: “I am delighted we are working in partnership with MAP to pilot a different approach to helping our young people understand how they are perceived by the community. Social Action supports young people to understand that a positive impression that is respectful, can help them open doors for their own future.”