Flower Power! Young people gave out seeds, rode a quadricycle and showed Norwich their best moves at the Lord Mayor’s Procession.

MAP embraced the theme of this year’s Lord Mayor’s Celebration ‘love the world around you’ and were delighted when Young Commissioners from Norwich and Broadland Youth Advisory Boards* supported us by decorating a quadricycle, creating gift packets of sunflower seeds before entertaining the waiting crowds with some spectacular dance moves along the route.

The crowds were extremely generous to all of the charities parading that day

As part of the Norwich Financial Inclusion Consortium** MAP was selected by the Lord Mayor and Sheriff as the Civic Charity for 2019-20 and were thrilled to be asked to be part of the procession which enabled us to collect donations on route.

The theme was set by Norwich City Council in a celebration of nature and a call to action to work together to protect it. The young people headed up the parade on a quadricycle decorated with handmade leaves and flowers, whilst others handed out packets of sunflower seeds to children in the crowd, encouraging them to ‘grow their own movement.’ Petrol and diesel-powered vehicles were banned from the procession, in favour of those taking part in the procession walking, dancing, and cycling through the city route from St Stephens Road to Palace Street. 

“As time passes – it becomes increasingly important to tackle environmental issues head on. It will be the decisions we make as a species in the next 15 years that will decide the future of the planet.”

Explains Esther, a young activist and environmental campaigner.

Molly, a Broadland Young Commissioner said  ‘It was such an enjoyable day, the parade was really good. My favourite part was leading the procession with all of my friends, and seeing everyone out and about looking so happy‘.

*MAP coordinates six of the seven Norfolk Youth Advisory Boards (YABs). YABs are bodies of Young Commissioners (aged 11-19 and up to 25 with a disability) and professionals who work to identify and tackle issues impacting on young people in Norfolk. They maintain a strategic overview of local youth provision across their district area based on the needs of young people aged 11-25, and work with local government to commission services and sustainable activities that help community cohesion and intergenerational understanding and build local community capacity to meet young people’s needs, especially for those who are more vulnerable.

**The Norwich Financial Inclusion Consortium is a group of advice agencies, helping city residents exercise their rights, promote equality and help reduce poverty across the city.  MAP offers independent information, advice and advocacy; youth work, informal education and counselling for young people aged 11-25 years. We support over 4,000 young people every year, particularly those who are disengaged from their local community, disadvantaged by their background or deemed to be at risk in their current circumstances.

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