Whatever’s going on in the world, we’re here to help young people through it.

We have found ourselves in very strange times of late. But MAP are continuing to do everything we can to keep supporting young people through the challenges they are facing – lockdown related or otherwise. 

Whilst the world has been put on pause in many ways, we know that the lives of young people, and the problems they are facing, haven’t. The lockdown has created many challenges for the way we work, but simply closing down wasn’t an option we were willing to consider.

MAP launched a free advice line in immediate response to lockdown. With our advice drop-in centres in Norwich and Great Yarmouth closed for the time being, the free phone number is providing essential support from our Advice team and will be needed more than ever.

Over the past three months, our tenacious team have found ways to overcome social distancing, working tirelessly to find creative and engaging ways to deliver our services remotely. We’ve rapidly adjusted from delivering nearly all of our support face-to-face, to working almost exclusively online and over the phone.

Please check out our new newsletter which details all of the amazing activities young people and staff have been doing to get through the pandemic with resilience and kindness. It includes a film made made by the Breckland Youth Advisory Board for Mental Health Awareness Week which focused on kindness, and the importance of fundraising in the time of Corona.

Rose, a resident in Norwich raised hundreds of pounds for MAP selling plants