Dan Mobbs, CEO – Reflects on MAP’s support for the LGBT+ community.

MAP is here for young people from the LGBT+ community and is very proud. For nearly 30 years we’ve heard from young people having difficult times. We’ve done so many different things – counselling for young people questioning their sexuality, advice for young people about their legal rights, groups to facilitate people coming together: all developed by young people from the LGBT+ community coming to us with a need for something.

As MAP CEO I want all young people to feel welcome at MAP. If you are from the LGBT+ community, if you are curious or questioning your identity or if you have friends or family who are, we are here for you all. And it’s not a one way relationship – you are also here for us; to tell us what we need to do, how to do things – even come with an idea of what you think needs to happen. One of our proudest things is that we might start a group or activity at MAP – that we help get off the ground, and over time it becomes entirely its own thing, led by young people. Right now, in particular, look at the amazing work Evolve is doing – led by and for trans young people.

I really believe in the principle “do not do for others what they can do for themselves”. If you are LGBT+ and you don’t think you can do it for yourself – come to us and we’ll be there for you. This can be things like needing housing or knowing legal rights. If you feel able to lead something, set something up – tell us, we’ll see what we can do. And, if you are somewhere in between, not really sure, just talk it over. We’re all ears.

This year, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and to stand against racism we are particularly thinking about Black LGBT+ young people and the multiple discriminations and oppressions they can experience. This is reflected in the brown/black being added to the Pride flag this year – making it more beautiful than ever.

MAP is here for young people finding their way. If you are young and LGBT+ there can be a lot of finding out to do. We’re here to share the journey with you! And we are proud of you and who you are.

For more information around LGBT+ and our services please visit our :

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Happy Pride 2020! 🏳️‍🌈