Anti-racism workshops a great success for young people asking questions

As the murder of George Floyd in May reignited worldwide protests and discussion on racism and police brutality and at MAP, Youth Workers understood the importance of demonstrating their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and being able to offer young people information and advice around how to respond.

Lots of Young People were asking questions such as:

How does institutional racism affect black young people in the UK?

How can I talk to family members about the recent protests?

How can I stand up against racism when I see it?

Youth Workers put together a two-part programme consisting of workshops to inform young people on racism in the UK and what it can look like, and another to develop young people’s ability to practise anti-racism. The workshops were a great success, with young people attending from across the county, engaging and learning about the definition of racism and what it looks like in healthcare, the criminal justice system, and other British institutions.

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