Evolve – gender identity group, returns…


After meeting purely online for nearly 8 months, a number of young people were once again able to meet as a group in person this time last week – socially distanced and facilitated by Linda and Jen. (Pictured) 

The last time the group were able to meet was back in March 2020 when we celebrated Trans Day of Visibility

“It felt fitting, if poignant, that we should come together again on 20th November, in solidarity and hope on Trans Day of Remembrance. Many trans, non-binary and gender-diverse young people have faced additional pressures during the pandemic, where isolation in less than ideal circumstances has limited their ability to express themselves and live authentically.  Some have mentioned that attending Evolve online meetings has been their only safe way of accessing support since the first lockdown. “

Jen Alexander: Gender Identity Practitioner

Young people said that meeting in person felt very different to the video meetings they had become accustomed to and it was nice to be together in the same room as others with similar experiences.

MAP has continued to offer gender identity support throughout the pandemic and have received a significant increase in referrals during this period in comparison to previous years.  As we work hard to meet the demand for this specialist work, telephone and online support, MAP will continue to create safe spaces for the foreseeable future and looking into ways of providing further opportunities to meet ‘in-person’, as resources and government guidelines allow.

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