Remember how far we have come.

We hope you feel proud.

[Image is young person holding hand written sign saying ‘Be Kind To Yourself’]

We have been so inspired by all of the young people in Norfolk who rose up to tackle the challenges of the global pandemic, the uncertainty of school and home life, the struggle with feeling isolated and disconnected with friends, all while learning to physically distance and do so many things remotely. We applaud you. When we look at how we have all had to adapt our lives, our workplaces, our way of working and living – lets all look back and see how far we have come and feel incredibly proud.

We also want to say a huge thank you to everyone that supports MAP, you know who you are and hope you realise how we could not have done this without you. We are incredibly grateful.

[Image is CEO; Dan Mobbs, holding hand written sign with same message]

We are here for you, despite the new Lockdown restrictions.

We remain hopeful that this year will bring a safe and full return to learning, workplaces, and the ability to physically gather together.  MAP will continue to innovate and change our practice to ensure all young people feel supported and safe. That could mean a reminder to self-care, to create some art, to look after your mental well-being with a one to one walk in an outside space to chat about what’s going on in your world. It could mean a meeting on a digital platform or to meet with a small, socially distanced group. It may mean a face to face appointment with an advisor, helping you to stay housed, sort out your benefits or provide food.  It could also mean that you and your counsellor speak over the phone or face to face with safety measures in place.

Part of a series of messages made by staff and young people at MAP for the festive break.
[The image shows a person holding a hand made sign with the message: Keep talking about how you are]

Whatever last year has meant for you, we promise we will continue to advocate for you, support you, listen and value you and do everything in our power to stand up for social injustice.

[Image shows person holding hand written sign saying: We believe in each and every one of you]

Take care, stay warm and see you soon.