A Tribute to Dr. Ian Gibson

At MAP we were very sad to hear about Ian’s death. He was a great advocate for Norwich and for young people. We will miss his energy and commitment.

Our trustee and former chair Sue Gale knew him well and reflects.

I was delighted when Ian agreed to become a patron of MAP. He had been a supporter of mental health services in Norwich for many years and well understood the need for more support. I well remember him giving the opening speech at a day-long symposium run by the Norwich Health Forum. Unfortunately no-one had thought to brief him beforehand, but he nonetheless talked for 20 minutes with great passion and enthusiasm.

An image from the Eastern Daily Press archives. Taken in 2011, both Ian and Sue can be seen here.

(The Map showcase evening was to thank everyone involved with the charity)

A long-time supporter of social justice, Ian would not stand for any nonsense and could always be relied on to stick up for the underprivileged. He was a popular and effective MP for North Norwich and something of a parliamentary rebel. His scientific expertise was valued and he was an excellent chair of the science select committee.

On a personal note I remember him most recently as a fellow member of an informal quiz team which took part in random quizzes with variable success. We were perhaps more focused on the social side than on quizzing expertise and had many a great evening over a barbecue or supper. Ian was always a popular addition to parties and was usually to be found in the kitchen at the centre of a group engaged in lively discussion that got livelier as the evening drew on. Perhaps assisted by the proximity to the red wine source?

Ian was a very big character and he leaves a very large gap. Our sympathies are with his wife, Liz and his family.