Opening up…but staying safe!

At last, we saw an opening up on restrictions in recent months. The Advice team has been seeing more young people for face-to-face support appointments, and for Therapeutic services, some of the counsellers have returned to the building after having been supporting young people over the phone or via online platforms.

Youth groups are returning to have some much-needed social time, fun, and learning all with Covid-19 safety in mind. The Young Commissioners from the Youth Advisory Boards have continued to work hard for their communities, engaging with local counsellors, MP’s, libraries, and young people to find out the effects of the pandemic and to address what support is needed around mental health needs. You can read the latest YAB News here.

Although we have been there all along with our helpline, online support and reduced face-to-face work, it’s great to see more young people coming through our doors for their appointments.

Colleen Humphry. Interim Head Of Advice Services.

Back in the offices, staff combine home and office working and will continue to work within the previous Covid-19 guidelines to ensure everyone is kept safe. What do the restrictions being lifted mean for MAP? Not much will change when it comes to ensuring that all of our buildings and groups are to remain safe. We will continue to socially distance and wear masks when needed. We will maintain our cleaning and hygiene processes and keep the office working to a safe number.

It’s great just popping across to someone in the office rather than scheduling in yet another Zoom meeting – getting things done ….

Dan Mobbs – CEO

Please keep checking our Covid-19 Update pages to find out how we will carry on supporting young people through all of the changes.