Climate Conference – COP26 – NOT A COP OUT

When: 12pm – 5pm, Tuesday 26th October 
Where: Norwich Arts Center 
How much: FREE for young people under 21 

On Tuesday 26th October, Norwich Youth Advisory Board (YAB) are hosting a Climate Conference to hold world leaders to account and share radical hopes and ideas around the climate crisis.

Join us for a discussion panel and workshops focusing on corporate accountability and what we can be doing as communities in Norfolk to tackle the climate crisis. 

The event is free for all young people aged under 21 in Norfolk and there’s still time to get your tickets today.

In the week before the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Norwich YAB are organising this event to shine a light on the issues young people care about when it come to the climate crisis, and raise our voices while politicians and big corporations make decisions about the future of the climate. 

We’ll be joined by organisers from ‘Stop the Wensum Link’, educators from Project Change, activists from the Young Activist Network, and young commissioners from Broadland Youth Advisory Board. Come along to workshops organaised by local activists and educators for everything from local action to global ideas! 

Get your tickets for COP26 – NOT A COP OUT here.

Why is this conference important right now?

‘We care about the future we have to live in, preserving the earth for the future, and making system changes that will save the environment.’ 

‘We want to equip young people with the means to have a voice through lobbying and spreading the word.’ 

‘We want young people to leave the conference feeling educated on how to tackle the climate crisis’

-Young conference organisers from Norwich YAB

What do you want to achieve with this conference?

‘Education for young people specifically around corporate accountability.’

‘To collect young people together in a space to share modern opinions, facts, and an opportunity to organise with other young people.’

‘Widespread awareness about the climate crisis and government failure.’ 

-Young conference organisers from Norwich YAB