Black History Month

For many young people, it can be difficult to learn about black history at school or from the adults around them. For a long time, black history hasn’t been taught with the depth or honesty it deserves. Young people of colour may feel like their history has been ignored, or that little attention is given to the role black people have played in creating the world we live in today. 

Learning about black history gives us a better understanding of the ways history has shaped the world around us. If you’re passionate about changing things in your community or the wider world, then learning about black history is essential. The more we know about our history, the easier it is to imagine the future we want to live in. 

This month, Norfolk Black History Month are putting on a series of events to engage the community in celebration of black history. 

Here’s how Norfolk BHM describe themselves:

‘Our aims are for the public benefit, to promote knowledge and experience of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community history and share the positive contributions that BAME people gave to British society. 

We gather in October to celebrate BAME History Past, Present and Future acknowledging the role of Black History as inspirational for progress in shaping and developing our present world in social, artistic, cultural, economic aspects and bringing scientific and technological advancements.’ 

Norfolk BHM

You can find all of Norfolk Black History Month’s events on their website.