Our impact

We have a simple theory; if we provide holistic support for young people at the earliest opportunity in the most accessible way, young people will become self-reliant and ready for adult life and we’ll prevent problems getting bigger and lasting longer.

Young people can face barriers such as homelessness, emotional difficulties, being in the care system or not getting on at school. We work with young people individually, supporting them to set their own goals and aspirations. Being ready for adult life can mean different things for each young person. The difference we make in young people’s lives includes:

  • Having basic needs met: being safe, having somewhere to live; enough money; a job; the right education and training; good health
  • Having good mental health: being confident, self-assured, resilient; having positive relationships and self-belief
  • Having good character and life skills: having courage, compassion, fairness, good judgement; having life skills such as team work, leadership, communication
  • Having control of your life: making choices, having influence in decisions made about you; having your voice heard, able to stand up for yourself, understanding processes and decisions affecting your life, having a fair share, respect; standing up for others, contributing to your community.

We measure the difference we make with a range of tools, such as questionnaires about emotional wellbeing. We ask young people to tell us what they think of our work, what we need to do differently. We then make changes and improve things.