All of these wonderful works were made by young people engaging with MAP. At the moment we are asking young people to show us the work they have been making since lockdown. Some have themes and some have aims, mostly, they are about creating for wellbeing.

We have heard a lot about ‘being kind’ in the news and on social media and so we are asking for themes around being kind. You can photograph your act of kindness, show us how you have been being kind or show us something you enjoy doing: exercising, meditating, gardening etc it’s just as important to be kind to yourself as well as others!

If you would like to see your artwork here, please send to Anita. It can be any medium, collage, painting, graffiti or photography. Or if you make things that are 3D, please send a photograph. Need inspiration? there are hundreds of activities at the Get Creative At Home website, show us what you made! Thanks and happy creating!

Harry Grace.

Alfie Randell. West Norfolk

Ashlee Blake Himpson

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