Youth Advisory Boards (YABs)

YABs are bodies of young people and adult professionals who come together to make positive change for young people and the communities you live in.  There is a YAB for each of the 7 districts of Norfolk.  Every year YABs identify the issues that young people care most about and then take action through campaigning, lobbying, advocacy and commissioning services. The YABs’ ambition is to influence all services design, delivery and policies to make them what young people want and need and to improve outcomes for all young people and their futures.  YABs are your opportunity to have a say in the decisions affecting young people in your area.

Each YAB has a number of Youth Action Groups, created by and run by young people, with MAP’s support. YAGs focus on specific activities and issues that relate to the priorities raised by the YABs.

Want to see the sort of things we do?  Scroll down to find a YAB in your area or visit our YAB News page.

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