Breckland YAB

The members of Breckland YAB meet regularly to make sure the voices of young people are heard in our community.

For more info about what we do, or if you would like to get involved, contact Michelle.

Our priorities

• Youth Voice
• Bullying and mental health
• A lack of activities and things to do
• Physical health – diet and exercise
• Anti-social behaviour and youth crime
• Negative stereotyping of young people
• Building healthy relationships and positive wellbeing

Improving the provision of sex education

• We are working with NHS Health & Wellbeing team and West Norfolk YAB to look at ways to improve sex education in schools.
• We carried out a questionnaire to find out more about the quality of sex education currently taught in schools.
• We plan to visit Holland in 2019 to learn more about the way sex education is taught there.

Anti-bullying campaign

- We are working with an Educational Psychologist on ways to build confidence and self-esteem which we will pass on to other young people.
- We are working with schools to make sure they have a robust anti-bullying policy which is young person friendly and actually acted upon.
- We are looking at ways we can work with bullies.

Raising aspirations

We are working with parish and district councillors to change the perception of young people and to ensure young people have a voice and a role in their community.

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