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Cost of Living Emergency

We are declaring a cost of living emergency, in partnership with local charities and organisations in the Norfolk Community Advice Network (NCAN).   The NCAN campaign calls for a series of local and national policy decisions to tackle some of the immediate effects of the cost of living crisis, including vouchers for food, rent and utility costs, a pause on… Read more →

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Norfolk Youth Against Bullying Conference: Registration Open Now

Registration is now open for the Norfolk Youth Against Bullying Conference! The conference is designed and run by young people from Norfolk’s Youth Advisory Boards, and features youth-led workshops and trainings, expert guest speakers, and research-based presentations. In support of Anti-Bullying Week, the conference will focus on young people’s experiences, as well as looking at topics like neurodiversity, and questions… Read more →

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Black History Month

If you’re passionate about changing things in your community or the wider world, then learning about black history is essential. The more we know about our history, the easier it is to imagine the future we want to live in. Read more →

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Human Rights are Freedoms. They’re Brilliant.

Dan Mobbs, Chief Executive, MAP Human rights are brilliant. Basically, human rights are freedoms. They protect you. Who doesn’t love freedom? If someone is trying to take away your freedom, it’s a big worry. Freedom is a hard-won thing. Just look at women’s rights – the work never seems to end. We have the Human Rights Act. It’s amazing. It… Read more →

MAP Wins National Award For Impact

We are thrilled to be able to tell you that MAP has been chosen from more than 350 charities across the UK as the overall winner of the 2022 GSK IMPACT Awards. We are stunned and delighted to have received this award, and the impact it will have on the work we are able to do alongside young people in… Read more →

We Are Proud To Support Young Refugees

We’re proud to say that we support young people who are refugees or have experience with the asylum system. There are lots of things we can support you with such as: 👉 Finding housing👉 Managing bills👉 Understanding benefits like Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment👉 Free mental health advice and support if you need it👉 Lots more! We can also… Read more →

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If you’re feeling lonely, you’re not alone.

Although the pandemic is sometimes blamed, the pre-covid world was also like this.  In a 2019 survey, 9 out 10 of 18-24 year olds interviewed reported that they had experienced loneliness to some degree, with almost 1 in 4 suffering often. In a 2019 YouGov poll, 69% of 13-19 year olds said they had felt alone ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ in… Read more →

Text reads: Bullying & Loneliness, an animation for young people

Mental Health Awareness Week

To raise awareness of loneliness and isolation, young people in Great Yarmouth would like to share this video with you on Mental Health Awareness Week and ask that you share it far and wide! We are so proud of the young people behind this project ❤️ This animation has been created by young people in Norfolk to tackle loneliness and isolation in… Read more →