Early Action Network


Early Action Network: For professionals working with young people in Norwich

The Early Action Network brings together local professionals and volunteers from all sectors that work with young people to share learning through training and development. The EAN encourages professionals to join our shared vision of early intervention. Together we are making long term change for young people and the services that work with them.

The Change

If young people receive the right support at the earliest moment to maximize their social and emotional wellbeing, they will have better attainment and won’t become NEET or need to access acute services later. Acute settings would then require fewer resources, freeing up investment for early action services.  We want this programme to have national significance in addition to making changes locally.

Benefits of joining the Early Action Network

The Early Action Network engages a wide, diverse range of practitioners. These include teachers, youth workers, mental health professionals, community leaders, the police, social workers, volunteers and anyone else that comes into contact with young people. The EAN engages, trains and upskills practitioners to support young people with their emotional and social wellbeing. The Network offers:

  • Regular networking events where people can discuss their practice and experiences, as well as communicate and support one another. Joined up working is a key value of the early intervention model.
  • Free training around a number of areas connected to mental health, emotional and social wellbeing. These may include self-harm, Mental Health First Aid, eating disorders and anything the members of the network identify as a CPD need.
  • The network advocates and champions the early intervention model to local and national stakeholders and decision makers. We hope you will join us within your own role and profession – working together is how we make the change possible!
  • Regular updates and resources accessible through a newsletter, website and a social media groups for members.
  • To sign up and find out more about the network, contact MAP’s Partnership Coordinator William Mills.



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