Lunchtime & afterschool drop-ins

Our lunch time and after school drop-ins are known as ‘LifeZones‘. We set up in the hall or a central area and have staff on hand – advisers, youth workers or counsellors – for young people to chat informally with. We have information hand-outs, interactive learning and usually have an activity going to engage young people or are promoting a particular theme, e.g. mental health, healthy eating, school consultations, exam stress, careers.

The purpose for a LifeZone is for young people to be able to talk to expert practitioners about issues that are concerning them, e.g. mental health, bullying, stress. We offer information and advice or help them access specialist support; including any services we provide in the school. Young people also learn about the theme we are promoting.

LifeZones are usually regular, weekly or fortnightly, so young people get used to us being there and feel able to approach or trust us. Young people who access support through a LifeZone are far more likely to engage and benefit from support because it has been their choice. We have compared young people who had been referred to our counselling by the school to those self-referring through a LifeZone and found that young people who had self-referred had much better outcomes. We also found we picked up issues the school was not aware of.

If you would like MAP to provide services in your school contact us to discuss your school’s needs.