Staff training & development


We find that our most effective work involves supporting the Senior Leadership Team to develop a whole school approach to issues, such as mental health; helping you create a happy and thriving school. This can lead to a mixture of training and supervision for staff and support for young people. We think if young people are well supported and thriving they will achieve their full potential – and if teaching staff are supported and trained they will be more able to meet challenges.


Our training is well respected. We provide training with our most experienced practitioners who have direct knowledge of working with the issues they are training. They work with young people every day.

Current training includes:

  • Understanding mental health and how to get support (“Mental Health First Aid”)
  • De- escalation (MBT-A) training
  • Self-harm
  • Working with sexual health and relationships
  • Drugs and alcohol – especially newer drugs or NPS ( so called “legal highs”)

If you are looking for other training get in touch and we will try to direct you to the best place.


We recognise that schools are challenging places and teaching staff and pastoral workers can experience pressure and stress. We provide group supervision to school learning staff. This is facilitated by a qualified counsellor. The groups reflect on challenges, explore the impact of work and share practice ideas and ways of reducing stress. We find this greatly increases confidence and wellbeing.

If you would like to work with MAP to provide services in your school contact us to discuss your school’s needs.