Targeted Group Work

Our group work programmes are developed to meet specific needs identified by the school. They are facilitated by qualified youth workers. This is a targeted programme and takes individual referrals.

Each programme is designed with school leaders to meet learners’ needs. Our focus is on young people who are finding school life difficult, e.g. low attenders or those at risk of exclusion.

Learning outcomes we aim to achieve from groups are:

  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Improved communication and teamwork skills
  • Increased self-control and self-reflection
  • Increased motivation and engagement with school life

Usually the groups run for at least a term and meet weekly for two hours. Programmes depend on the needs of the school. They usually contain:

  • Discussion – in the classroom
  • Activities – in and outside the classroom


Our group programmes are often combined with 1:1 mentoring to set and achieve aspirations and goals.

Case Study: MAP Social Action

The school leadership team identified a group of young people who were consistently getting into trouble with swearing and disruption leading to regular classroom exclusion. Other young people at the school were also getting frustrated with disrespectful language and the bad atmosphere it created.

We developed a six week programme meeting for two hours every week that aimed to encourage young people to consider their community and their place in it and to see the benefits of positive activities and behaviours. Young people were asked to develop a project that gave something back to their community. During the programme time was allowed for mentoring and developing creative strategies to improve communication skills and alternatives to bad language. There was a mixture of facilitated group discussion and community activities.

Young people finished the programme feeling more positive about their school and more reflective while the headteacher noted that:

Social Action supports young people to understand that a positive impression that is respectful can help them open doors to their own future’.


If you would like to work with MAP to provide a programme in your school contact us to discuss your school’s needs.