Supporting youth voice

It’s simple for us:

  • If young people have a say over what happens to them, life will be better for all young people and the communities of which they are a part.
  • If policies or services that affect young people are developed with young people, then they will work better for young people.
  • Young people can’t be expected to be responsible for things if they have no voice or power.
  • Young people have skills and talents and if we don’t work with them, we are wasting a great opportunity to improve their lives and our communities.

MAP supports young people to be leaders, take on responsibilities and inspire other young people through a range of programmes and projects:

  • Youth Advisory Boards (YABs): MAP is the lead provider for six out of Norfolk’s seven Youth Advisory Boards, supporting young people to have a voice in their community and to ensure services and support for young people remain high on the agenda in local government.
  • Youth Action Groups (YAGs) : Each YAB has a number of Youth Action Groups, created by and run by young people, with MAP’s support.  The YAGs focus on specific activities and issues chosen by young people.
  • Make Our Rights Reality:  MAP is part of the national Make Our Rights Reality (MORR) project led by Youth Access which aims to empower young people by teaching them about their rights and giving them a voice to challenge injustice. It is based around the model of RIGHTS + VOICE + ACTION = CHANGE.
  • Leadership: We run AQA approved Leadership Skills courses for young people, giving them the skills and confidence to stand up, be heard and make a difference.

For more information about our approach to Supporting Youth Voice, contact Youth Work Services Manager Paul Webb.