Transforming mental health services

MAP is a provider of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) as part of the Point 1 Service in partnership with Ormiston Families and The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT). We work to improve young people’s mental health services. We want to make services more accessible, young person centred and outcome focussed. We believe that there needs to be more advisers, counsellors and youth workers alongside doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. We believe more services need to be in the community and in schools. We worked on the CAMHS Local Transformation Plan and support the CAMHS Strategic Partnership.

Our Therapeutic Services Manager Tonia Mihill is part of the Children and Young Person’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (CYPIAPT). This is a national workforce and systems transformation model funded by NHS England and Public Health England that brings together statutory and voluntary sector providers, commissioners and Clinical Commissioning Groups, and academic institutions in a programme of training and development designed to maximise the efficacy of the resources available to meet Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health needs.

The programme’s key objectives – creating accessible services; ensuring evidence-based practice; involving service users in their care and in the design of systems; effective use of routine outcomes monitoring; and raising awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health issues – are all key MAP principles which are embedded in our delivery.  There is always more to learn and our expertise to offer to partners in this work and the programme provides excellent opportunities to do both. We currently have three practitioners on free to us CYP IAPT post-graduate courses at University College and King’s College, London – Service Leadership and Management, Systemic Family Practice and Interpersonal Therapy for Adolescence.