It Takes a Village to Raise A Child

The project will develop an integrated child and family-oriented service in partnership with education, leisure, sports and health providers, by jointly creating and offering extended learning time and ‘from cradle to college’ support for individual needs. The project addresses the numerous and complex challenges vulnerable children face in reaching their full potential in school attainment.

This project will:

  • Pilot methods for extended learning for children through joint activities with leisure and third sector organisations, in and out of school, that foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging. New learning opportunities will be provided in a co-creative fashion and across various settings. Children will have co-ownership in the pilot’s design and evaluation.
  • Create front-line wellbeing teams, based within Norwich, to offer a coordinated response to children’s needs using the principles of integrated care.

This project will run for 45 months from January 2019. After an initial period of scoping and partnership building, substantial project delivery will take place from January 2020 to January 2022.

MAP’s role will be to project manage and co-ordinate activity in local schools and the surrounding communities.

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