It Takes a Village to Raise A Child

We are proud to say that we have agreed ongoing partnerships for this with both City of Norwich School (CNS) and Jane Austen College in Norwich.

What is VRAC?

The project will develop an integrated child and community-oriented service in partnership with education by jointly creating and offering a person-centred “menu” of support and engaging opportunities. Through these opportunities the project aims to address the numerous and complex challenges that people of secondary school age experience which can create barriers to their educational, social and personal development. An important concept of this project is that young people will have an active part to play in choosing the support and activities that they engage with, we will therefore be promoting these services clearly within our Partner Schools very soon.

This project will work with our Partner Schools to pilot methods for “extended learning” through joint activities in and out of school which foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging; These will include:

·         Assemblies on subjects relevant to the social and emotional wellbeing

·         Young person led youth groups, facilitated by MAP workers

·         Mentoring and mediation support for individuals to support them through challenging times and to help them to communicate their needs and perspective more effectively

·         Counselling for individuals who would like support with their emotional wellbeing

MAP will be working with the schools’ communities of staff, parents, carers and significant adults in young people’s lives to improve and support the social and emotional well-being of young people together. To this end we will offer:

·         Training and support for school staff in areas relevant to student and staff mental health and wellbeing

·         Training and support for parents in subjects that local parents feel would be useful. We will work with our partner schools to consult with parents and guardians as to what subjects are important to them. 

·         We will work with local organisations and professionals to ensure that the most relevant support and best opportunities are available to young people, their families and their schools when they need them

This is an exciting and significant project for MAP. It will be our first European project to involve young people and educational settings.

This “Interreg 2 Seas” project will run for 45 months until September 2022 and is a project involving 8 partners from the UK, Belgium, France and Holland who each have similar remits within their own communities. After an initial period of development and partnership building our substantial project delivery will take place from January 2020 to January 2022.