Our funders

Our funders are critical to our work; we can only achieve our vision with their support. We have a diverse range of funders:

  • Individuals making single and regular donations; or raising funds through sponsored activities
  • Local community groups such as choirs, rotary groups, church groups
  • Local and national trusts and foundations
  • Public sector funders including district and county councils

We like to make long term relationships with funders so that we get to know each other better; so that funders are a part of our work. We work with people who share our values; people who believe in youth rights, putting young people at the heart of what we all do; people who believe that young people have strengths to build on and talents to offer. We work with funders who believe, like we do, that it’s best to act earlier, before problems get bigger and longer term. We also work with people who want to look at whole communities, whole places. With longer term relationships we can make a bigger impact. We commit for the long term because that’s how we build the trust with young people which is essential for engagement and positive change.

So please get to know us, get in touch. If you are interested in becoming a funder of MAP or already are and want to know more, contact Morgan Pickard our Development Manager.

We always like to give continued support to organisations which we trust and whose work we value.”  (a local trust and long term funder of MAP)

We apply our values to our fundraising: professionalism, social justice, valuing each individual and being young person centred. We fundraise for priorities that emerge from our work with young people and meet their needs.

MAP adopts the Institute of Fundraising Code of Fundraising Practice and the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising:

  • Honesty: Fundraisers shall at all times act honestly and truthfully so that the public trust is protected and donors and beneficiaries are not misled.
  • Respect: Fundraisers shall at all time act with respect for the dignity of their profession and their organisation and with respect for the dignity of donors and beneficiaries.
  • Integrity: Fundraisers will act openly and with regard to their responsibility for public trust. They shall disclose all actual or potential conflicts of interest and avoid any appearance of personal or professional misconduct.
  • Empathy: Fundraisers will work in a way that promotes their purpose and encourage others to use the same professional standards and engagement. They shall value individual privacy, freedom of choice, and diversity in all forms.
  • Transparency: Fundraisers stimulate clear reports about the work they do, the way donations are managed and disbursed, and costs and expenses.