Our mission, vision & values

Our Mission

…is to ensure young people have the access to quality information, advice, counselling and support they need for their holistic development.

Our Vision

…is that all young people know what it is to be valued and have the support and information they need to make a successful transition into adulthood.

Our Values

…underpin everything we do – from recruitment to evaluation; from working with young people to providing the best training for our staff. They guide how we develop our services and work with partners. We are big on values at MAP and ask our staff and volunteers to demonstrate them every day. Our values are…

  • Being Young Person Centred We believe in being flexible and offering choice. We listen to and are led by a young person’s holistic needs.  We advocate for a young person’s rights.  We involve young people. We develop new and innovative services to ensure we meet the changing needs of young people.
  • Valuing Each Individual MAP respects and celebrates the differences between people. We believe that each person has their own individual assets, strengths, needs and unique experiences. We want people to express who they are, to be authentic. We value trust. We also encourage staff and volunteers to work with passion and commitment.
  • Being Professional We believe that young people should get the best services at the highest quality. We believe our staff and volunteers should be well trained and supported. We believe all our services should be based on best and reflective practice with proven outcomes. We believe in being realistic and consistent.
  • Working for Social Justice We believe that we have a wider social responsibility within our community. We work to inform and influence local and national health and social policy. We believe in campaigning with disadvantaged and marginalised young people. We believe in promoting rights and responsibilities and challenging prejudice and oppression.


The History of MAP

MAP opened its doors in 1991 in Norwich as Norfolk’s first Youth Information, Advice and Counselling centre. We started with a simple philosophy:

  • To make our services as easy to access as possible – having everything in one place so that young people don’t have to repeat their story to lots of different people.
  • To be led by young people – to respond to what they want and need, trust in their judgement and see them as a whole person with both needs and strengths.

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