Breckland Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

Norfolk Youth Against Bullying Conference

Breckland Youth Mental Health Project

Breckland YAB visiting the UK Parliament.

Who are we?

We are young people who live or study in Breckland, Norfolk.

Each year we ask young people in Breckland about the issues that matter to them.

We then take action through campaigning, lobbying, advocacy, hosting events and commissioning services.

We work with adult professionals in our community to ensure that young people have a say in decisions that affect them.

Breckland YAB with the Diana Award Trust delivering anti-bullying ambassador training

Get involved!

Want your voice heard?

Want to make a difference?

The YAB is open to all young people aged 11-19 (up to 25 with a disability) who live or study in Breckland.

Send us an email at BrecklandYAB@ to find out more about how you can get involved.

Breckland Young Commissioners with Cllr Peter Wilkinson.

Young Commissioners

Members of the YAB are called Young Commissioners.

We meet regularly, and work together to make a positive difference in our communities.

Young Commissioners can take part in training, attend residentials, and have the opportunity to meet other young people and make new friends. There is never any cost, and food and transport is provided.


We are currently trialing a very limited amount of socially safe meetings and activities in the hope that we can resume face to face work in the near future.

Youth workers Michelle, Roger and Sally are still on hand to support young people and plan for the future.

Young Commissioners at Dublin City University.

World Anti-Bullying Forum

Nearly 10,000 young people from across Norfolk took part in our 2019 youth consultations. Bullying emerged as a top issue for young people in our county.

To learn more about how to tackle bullying Young Commissioners attended the World Anti Bullying Forum 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

We also organised for the Diana Award to provide free Anti-Bullying Ambassador training to 100 school students and staff from across Norfolk.

We worked with local animation studio Indigo Illusions to share our learning by making a video for use in schools and youth groups.
Young Commissioners and representatives from Breckland District Council at the conference.

Norfolk Youth Against Bullying

We organised the first county-wide Norfolk Youth Against Bullying conference.

Around 200 young people and professionals came together to hear from leading experts in the field of anti-bullying and take part in youth-led workshops.

We were proud to be named the StandUp Foundation‘s Anti-Bullying Organisation of the Year 2019.

Young Commissioners holding certificates.

Sex and Relationship Education

Young people in Breckland told us that sex and relationship education matters to them.

We took part in Tender training on positive relationships, and worked with Tender to create video resources for young people.

Young Commissioners in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Residential

Along with West Norfolk YAB we travelled to Amsterdam to research sex and relationship education.

We explored the roles of museums, schools, and public health provision in sex and relationship education for young people.

Young people and professionals posing for the photoshoot.

Challenging Stereotypes

We were joined by local Councillors and representatives from youth organisations and Breckland Police for a photoshoot challenging stereotypes about anti-social behaviour.

We aimed to change perceptions of young people in public spaces by other members of the community.

Check out the Norfolk Youth Advisory Boards Newsletter to find out more about our work.