Broadland Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

Roots to Routes Toolkit

Download our free Roots to Routes toolkit! The toolkit was designed and produced by young people from Broadland Youth Advisory Board. It contains info & advice on self-esteem, relationships, sexual health, bullying and more.

A group of young people from Broadland YAB, wearing Broadland YAB hoodies and smiling.

Who are we?

We are young people who live or study in Broadland, Norfolk.

Each year we ask young people in Broadland about the issues that matter to them.

We then take action through campaigning, lobbying, advocacy, hosting events and commissioning services.

We work with adult professionals in our community to ensure that young people have a say in decisions that affect them.

Young people from Broadland YAB taking part in a competition to build a 'YABmobile'.

Get involved!

Want your voice heard?

Want to make a difference?

The YAB is open to all young people aged 11-19 (up to 25 with a disability) who live or study in Broadland.

Send us an email at BroadlandYAB@ find out more about how you can get involved.

Young people and all from Broadland YAB in Sheringham Park.

Young Commissioners

Members of the YAB are called Young Commissioners.

We meet regularly, and work together to make a positive difference in our communities.

Young Commissioners can take part in training, attend residentials, and have the opportunity to meet other young people and make new friends. There is never any cost, and food and transport is provided.

Broadland YAB taking part in an origami lesson over Zoom.


We continued to meet online during national lockdowns, and we are now returning to working face-to-face in line with current guidelines. We are still offering Zoom meetings to make sure there’s something to suit everyone!

A group of young people from Broadland YAB, wearing Broadland YAB hoodies, posing and smiling.

Priorities for 2020-21

  • Youth Voice
  • Mental Health
  • Self Esteem & Body Confidence
  • Bullying
  • Deep Dive into Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol
  • Lack of Activities & Things to Do
  • Covid-19 Response

Aged 18-24 and wondering what’s next for you in the world of work?

We’ve teamed up with South Norfolk Youth Advisory Board and Broadland and South Norfolk District Councils to offer 3 Virtual Careers Drop Ins!

Talk to Youth Workers and an Education Professional about:

  • Worries about work and how we can support you
  • Finding a career to suit your skills and personality
  • Paid work placement in your area
  • Apprenticeships

13/07/21 4-5pm

28/07/21 11am-12-pm

12/08/21 10-11am

Contact us for the link-

Tracy: 01508 508758 Sam:  07778 896325

Young Commissioners from Broadland, Breckland and West Norfolk YAB at the World Anti Bullying Conference.

World Anti-Bullying Forum

Young people in Broadland told us that bullying is an issue that affects them or their lives.

We decided to learn more about how to tackle bullying in schools in Broadland by attending the 2019 World Anti Bullying Forum in Dublin, Ireland, alongside Young Commissioners from Breckland and West Norfolk.

Broadland Young Commissioners at the Norfolk Youth Against Bullying Conference

Norfolk Youth Against Bullying

We teamed up with the six other YABs to form Norfolk Youth Against Bullying, in order to share our learning about anti-bullying strategies.

We organised an anti-bullying conference for young people and professionals from around Norfolk. Attendees heard from leading experts in the field and took part in youth-led workshops. Broadland Young Commissioners designed and facilitated a workshop on how school culture & bullying.

A gif of 16 young people with the words: 'This is my perfect'.

Self Esteem &
Body Confidence

Young people in Broadland told us that self esteem and body confidence are issues that affect them or their area.

We commissioned YMCA Norfolk & Copper Crayon to make a series of film and gifs about body confidence.

Broadland Young Commissioners speaking into a microphone.

Campaign Group

During our winter residential at Eaton Vale Young Commissioners took part in Campaign Training led by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

We have since formed a Campaign Group, meeting weekly to work on campaigns around body confidence & self esteem, transport, and to celebrate nationally recognised campaigns.

Get in touch to get involved!

Check out the Norfolk Youth Advisory Boards Newsletter to find out more about our work.